“In my Early Years in Port Harcourt, & around the Niger Delta Region, I grew to understand that a lot of them Artist/Musicians are not only Seeking for assistance but also lack Self confidence about pushing their Craft to the Next Level, we fought through the years and made some Impacts in the Nigerian Entertainment industry! And we chose to come together(Video Directors, Bloggers, promoters, filmmakers) to render some sort of Help for the so called artist around this Region and NIGER DELTA SUPER STAR was birthed!

You want a shot @ Limelight and u can’t be self Confident as an artist then quit deceiving yourselfs!
Micheal Wobidike (Choppenson) Bobby Rak Barry Festus (State Filmz) Ibifaa Ombo (Mr Knine) and myself (Cleroydaboss) jez to mention a few are part of the Directors for the first Edition! With support from other Brands and Parastatals!
Niger Delta Super Star is a Project where we want the artist to have a clear relationship with their fans online, because they(the fans) would be the judge and choose the final Verdict!

Whoever wants a Price have to take a bold step by coming out of the Closet!
5000 Naira can never pay a DJ or Blogger let alone afford a MusicVideo or Promote it!

Now! Have got some artist pleading for Musicvideos via phonecalls and fb messages with LowBudgets when an Opportunity and Platform is readily available!.. Please
And a Few of the semi popular Artist around this regions, know the cost of a MusicVideo, least they would have had a lot of the Visuals to their songs!
On this Note! I state it categorically, that if you think you are too Big as an Artist to Enroll and Get a Standard Musicvideo Plus Promotion, then Let pride continue because The Least Musicvideo would cost 450,000 Naira from my Calculation!!! So if you fink you don’t like the opportunity, then save up that sum! And shoot your Videos Next Year and get it promoted!
Meanwhile Cleroydaboss as a Brand and my Other Colleagues of mine have chosen to Challenge all them Artist! And if you require our services, you must be willing to Pay Darely because Our Naira Ain’t Helping issues!

On this Note! Niger Delta Super Star project would be extended to condone all of the excuses from intending participants!

www.facebook.com/nigerdeltasuperstar is the page to get enrolled!
Or you wait for Second Edition coming up next year October!
A Word they say is enough for the Wise”

(Filmmaker/Musicvideo Director)


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