Yes! There are publicity stunts and there are the “NMQS” (Notice Me Quick Stunts) which some persons could pull off sometimes to get attention in the expense of other well known persons or brands.
   LMAO… It’s sometimes cost by boredom, jealousy, inferiority complex, etc.. But its getting kind of a norm this days. As they say; “If it doesn’t work this way, you try it that way”.

  Some gist was trying to move online, originating from a certain blog named (Thinking….can’t recall the name), but it published some ill, funny and insulting article about one of Niger Delta’s born / talented female artiste, and also one of ThaUkwuBenda’s Bendresses, popularly known as FORTUNE (the “Baby Carry Me Go” + “Zanga” crooner).

Which made ThaUkwuBenda laugh after reading it, …saying things like;
  “Eventually Snappy Fortune got Schooled…. She wants to be famous and all but SNAPS AT EVERYONE who dare say anything negative about her. THIS HAS GREATLY REDUCED HER FAN BASE as she has proven times without number that SHE DOESN’T POSSES THE ATTRIBUTES of staying strong in the game…. The feedback we got from Fortune was huge slap on our face. She called and fired harassment shots at us. Asking why we should post her boobs online for people to see….
We officially welcome fortune to the Music Business.
“Welcome to the era where sextapes equals more fame and money.”

And talks about photos, outfits and all that. Hmmm to ThaUkwuBenda this sure sounds and looks personal..

  The question here is, who are the everyone and where did you meet or see them? Sometimes people go about or express their good intentions the wrong way and at the end of it, it upsets the next person and then you hear; “No I don’t like that” or “Don’t Ever do that again”…… And then this simple act turns into S.A.E in which no one gets to know what and how the complainant went about it to make the person react that way.

  ThaUkwuBenda laughs again and is asking another question; Was her fan base on a check scale at the time of the action? Or did the S.A.E syndrome that infected the complainant get transmitted to the FANS that’s wasn’t there and knew nothing about the matter, like Mrs EBOLA VIRUS did it?
  The NMQS personals enjoy exaggerations and when its good, its becomes theirs, but when the sit is hot, its all for the people.. Hmmm you guys need to take this easy.

 Please what are the attributes? ThaUkwuBenda would like to know this one.. Cause this sounds like way back in high school when some boys try to sweet talk a girl and she doesn’t play in, the boy starts saying nasty things about her filled with insults, just cause she didn’t accept to play along.

Even the well know Paparazis most times get punched or beating while doing their jobs just cause they get to step off their boundaries most times. Meaning not every Celebrity or Public figure is cool with anyone putting up Cameras on their faces and or maybe asking too many questions they feel uncomfortable with. Yes you might still want to do your job but you need to do it right.

FORTUNE is a beautiful, friendly, talented and hard working bendress, she’s one of the finest Port Harcourt has got, whether you like it or not that’s what it is, its not her fault, God made it so. Everyone isn’t 100% perfect and not because they are celebs or public figures you want them to say Yes to everything even if its not suppose to be so. There’s nothing wrong in her pulling her stunts the way she wants it, those who likes and enjoy her still do, and more would always be added. You say you want to criticise her works or style, that should be done constructively, cause if you step on her toes, she will react to the pain, its natural for someone to do so.

ThaUkwuBenda sends he’s advice out to those bloggers or article writers who do such things: Becareful and take things easy, sometimes you want to get the buzz and gist going, do it right, everyone has their own style and ways of working/doing things, that’s understandable, do it right, it might sometimes make the person in the picture react negatively or positively, that’s part of the game, you need not throw insults publicly or calling anyone names, they are all as important as you are, you want to be respected, respect everyone, not minding the hustle. If the your sit gets too hot don’t switch sits and throw it to the public, you know what made it hot, so you cool it down and enjoy sitting. Last but not the least #UseYourHead few words are enough for the wise #ThinkOfIt.


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