For the passed few weeks, there has been lots of heat online circling around EFRESHY and  one of ThaUkwuBenda’s Super Bendresses by name, FORTUNE.

ThaUkwuBenda still noticed the gist is still coming in strong since after he published an article about this earlier; FORTUNE ISN’T AN ANDROID BUT A HUMAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
ThaUkwubenda had to chat up Bendress FORTUNE on this right after her timeline (twitter) got hit by a strong tweet by a blogger unto this same matter, here was what she had to say…
  “Hehehe ThaUkwuBenda, I wonder oh! still surprised how this matter is still been pushed around.. The truth is that I don’t know this guy from Adam, rumours flying around says, he said he knows me very well to the blood, I’ve been getting mentions on twitter from him, taking everything too personal saying all sorts of rubbish things about me, thinking he’s on a wise mission, now I’m been mention on another story from someone else on this same matter, even with a video this time, hehehe na my matter dey sweet this people, no wahala.
 My dear I don’t know who and where that is coming from, I also never knew who was handling the red carpet, It was because of the Kennis Music event I went there oh. I only got invited to the red carpet on entering the venue, I did what was normal and expected of me which they had a video clip.
 Red Carpet can be anyway and done by anyone, that doesn’t mean I will know the crew handling it. I sincerely don’t even know any member of the crew before not to talk of who owns Efreshy.. This period is even when I actually knew this was their name, cos if they said it that day, I didn’t put that to mind.
How does the interview explain that we knew each other before? Cus I was interviewed for less than a minute means he knows me to the blood? Na wa Oh! Please I don’t know anything about this Efreshy guy nor he’s crew and he should stop using my name and image to lie.”
Now Watch the video clip of the interview Efreshy had with Fortune….

Here’s Fortune’s reply tweet:


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