Political offices today has changed from a platform for Public Service to one for abuse of power and trust for parochial gains in Nigeria my country.

Almost everything seems to be spinning aimlessly around and in the lives of many young people. What the youths are learning from politicians today isn’t due process for attainment of political office, but rather, strategies to deceive, oppress and cause fear in the minds of many citizens.

Openly declared well thought-out intentions to effect the needed positive development for “Nigeria my Country” has hardly been observed in majority of the current campaigning.

“Nigeria my Country” as observable to today’s youths since from kindergarten to early childhood and young adulthood, has been one of suffering all the way, yet we are always told we are the leaders of tomorrow; a tomorrow that will never come – for many.  But we the youths wish to see MASSIVE improvement in Access to Quality Education and Healthcare, Poverty reduction, Safety of Lives and Property (human life is sacrosanct), Job creation, Food and Environmental Security, and Social and Infrastructural Development, Improved Standard of Living.

And most importantly, the annoying and epileptic POWER SECTOR of “Nigeria my country” kai, from Nepa – PHCN – PHED (its not a telecom industry please), this is still Nigerians greatest problem even as $13 billion (about N2.8trillion) has been pumped in to revert the dark situation.

As I pen this down, am surrounded with the fume from my generator (who dash you Nepa light around here???).

I plead with our incoming top aspirants, when you seat there, Please! Biko! Ejõ! Mbok! Kumbor! …make history, solve at least one MAJOR problem for “Nigeria my Country”

I pray for “Nigerian My Country” as I wish for a peaceful/violent free 2015 election.

Not forgetting vision 2020 – How close are we??

Abraham “Mc AB” Ibiang
TV Presenter/Producer


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