Some of the decision of President Goodluck Jonathan has not gone down well with some of leaders and Moneybags of APC, as he closed some of their sources of defrauding Nigeria.


  • Majority of the Oil Blocks license in Nigeria will be expiring in few months and many of them are scared that President Jonathan might not renew their licence. They want to him out by all means to retain the Oil blocks license.
  • They were hurt them President Jonathan ended their subsidy fraud. Govt reduced the payment from N1.4Trillion in 2011 to less than N400Billion in 2013 and yet their is no scarcity of Fuel in the last 3 years.
  • Jonathan sold off NEPA and ended their fraudulent NEPA contracts. Now local and International companies are building their power plants to stabilize Power. They will not use any NEPA staff to put SALT on our Power plants again to put everyone in darkness.
  • Jonathan removed 57,000 ghost workers and 43,756 Ghost Pensioners from civil service and reduce their wealth. These rogues are using their wealth to pay newspapers, Online media blogs to be lying and sharing propaganda against the President. The Ignorants joined them to shout CHANGE. Are they changing to re-employ the removed Ghost workers or the Pensioners. Be warned about the CHANGE they want you to Vote For.
  • The President handed NPA verification to a third party and eliminated port frauds. They do not benefit anymore, by dubiously seizing People goods and turning round to buy them in Auction. It is now 24 hours operation and surveillance giving no room for their agents to steal or frustrate Importers. They want their evil reign to return. That is their CHANGE.
  • The cabals were hurt when Jonathan blocked their monopoly of fertilizer distribution and now supply straight to real farmers at a discounted prices. Farmers do not go through Ward chairmen, Party Excos, Politicians or any ‘Timber and Caliber’ to get Fertilizer.
  • They want Jonathan out by all means, he blocked their hoarding of petroleum product and stopped Nigerians from sleeping at filling stations and many roasted alive in any event of fire outbreak in filling stations. Their black market business has been destroyed by Jonathan’s proper management of the supply of these Products and because of this, they ruled that he has failed.

Jonathan did not fail Honest Nigerians, but he failed the Oil Profiteers and thieves.

  • Jonathan’s re-introduction of One-man-one-vote did not go down well with them. With Soldiers, Police, Secret Police, Civil Defense at Polling Units, Ballot box snatching and stuffing is now a thing of the past. They made you to believe that Jonathan has failed because Polling units are no more in people’s seating room. You forget that the President Party won only in 1 of the 4 governorship election conducted when started his tenure in 2011.

Imo – APGA, Anambra – APGA, Edo – APC, Osun – APC, Ekiti – PDP. This will NEVER happen during OBJ government.

  • They want Jonathan out of office because they are aware that the 2016 Census will correct the Population lies imposed on Nigerians over 60 years ago. They are MAD that Jonathan will use conduct electronic census, where only Human beings will be counted and zero chance of one person counted twice. THIS IS THE CHANGE YOU ARE HEARING.
  • They want Jonathan out of office by all means because, in 2016, Jonathan will stop the situation where a Child from Oyo state will be expected score 129Marks to enter Federal Govt Colleges (Unity schools), while another child from Kebbi is expected to score only 2 Marks to enter the same school. A young man from Osun state is expected to score 190 In Jamb to have opportunity of a University, while his friends from Sokoto is sure of admission, even if he scores zero. It is a SHAME that young people that Jonathan is fighting for and ensuring to bring a fair Nigeria for all of us, is now brainwashed, fed with lies and and some of them are attacking the man that is fighting for them and their generations to come.


  • Nigeria grows its food now, trains are running, our Airports are of international standard, Our roads are safer and motorable, University funding doubled and more Build to admit more Jambites, Our street children in the North (Almajiri) are given opportunity to learn and live in comfortable school Hostels and eating good food, not left-overs, 13 local Motor assembling and Manufacturing company relocates to Nigeria, 9 Local and International Power companies building their power plants since last year to improve of electricity need.


Jonathan has shown Nigerians what real democracy supposed to be. He is not killing or jailing his opponents or those that insulted him in the Media cannot be seen as a weakness, but his respect to the law and life. He never sent anyone to prison for a mere allegation of corruption with prove. He allowed them fair and independent hearing by those charged with this responsibility.

These shows his Meek spirit and understanding that he cannot build a better Nigeria alone and that we need every hands in deck to achieve a bigger, better, prosperous and peaceful Nigeria.

God Bless Nigeria.
It is your Choice. ‪#‎ForwardEver, or ‪#‎BackNever.


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