Peoples Democratic Party has said that the All Progressives Congress has lost touch with reality and the party is blinded by their hate, deceit and their sheer desperation for power.

The party said this in response the APC’s claim that PDP were behind the attacks on President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign convoys in Katsina and Bauchi States.

In a statement by the spokesperson of the PDP campaign organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, PDP said “Does it make any sense for the PDP to hire thugs to chant ‘sai Buhari’, to waive brooms in the air and physically attack their own candidate’s convoy? Does it make any sense for them to throw rocks at their own presidential candidate and injure his bodyguards?

“Honestly, it is clear to all those with discerning minds that the APC has lost touch with reality. They have been blinded by their hate, deceit and their sheer desperation for power.

“The truth is that they are the ones who have an inbred culture of violence and intolerance, and that have encouraged brutal and barbaric behaviour, and not the PDP.

“The PDP values peace, tolerance, a plurality of views, differing opinions and the sanctity of life, but the APC does not. The PDP belongs to the modern age and the modern world but the APC belongs to the dark ages.”

The party also warned the opposition that all hell will break loose if the safety and security of PDP candidates and supporters isn’t guaranteed.

          “All hell will break loose. The stoning, attacks, violence and intimidation have to stop and the safety and security of our presidential candidate, our supporters and our members must be guaranteed if we wish to avoid being propelled into a vicious and reciprocal cycle of violence, turmoil, destruction and catastrophe in this country.”


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