Hello upcoming / fast rising talents, this is 2015 so you better get serious, wake up and work hard, don’t deceive yourselves by saying you’re waiting for sponsor or deals of any sort, when you’ve got nothing to show.

Show working First! Except you’re not ready, then you keep cool and make sure you get your arsenals ready b4 heading out.
 The hard truth is that you have to blow your own whistle, blow continuously and louder before anyone becomes interested to give a helping hand with a trumpet or trombone. RAAAH!

No matter how long it takes, if its in you and you’ve got passion + the Almighty God is positioned first in all you do, surely you’d see the white light of grace pouring over you.

Don’t be deceived, don’t be demoralised, never you see whatever you’re facing or passing through at the moment as a problem but see it as a challenge.. Work hard and be patient for your turn to hold the TOUCH OF STARDOM

If you love entertainment and you know it, then look for the department you’re very good at and nurture it, be the best at it, be unique.. Listen and watch others who has been successful under your field, learn from them but don’t copy them.

Stay different, even if you love something about your mentor or the successful ones.. be real, that’s what’s going to make you, YOU. Set your own brand, check yourself very well, check the market (the people you’re to reach out to, people you want to sell your brand to) make yourself most wanted.. All this can also be done by the help of a good team and services of the right people. you need to work with others in the industry from different department. Don’t be lazy, don’t just seat back and expect people to work or help your career.

One thing you must know is that, its not by force for people to “Show You Love“.. Just like most of you always say.. (Smiling and SMH). People show love when they feel it, when they see a reason why or when they enjoy something about you or your works. You need not be upset or back-bitting cause you’re expecting some persons to show you love and they haven’t. My Brother, My Sister, its not by forces or that its a must.. Do your own work, keep pushing, look for money and INVEST IN YOUR CAREER (like they say: pay your dues).

 There’s no such thing like TO MUCH PROMO, promotion, publicity is the most vital part of selling your brand, so you need not joke with it. The earlier and you start seeing what you’re doing as business the better for you, else you’d keep hovering all over your lil own surrounding back and forth with nothing to show. LET YOUR WORKS SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

For the artistes, young labels/management you need to work with the Deejays, Veejays, Online Promoters, Radio and TV stations. Respect them!

Well, ThaUkwuBenda would have to stop here for now.. Few bending words are enough for the serious minded.


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RAAAAH! Call him ThaUkwuBenda, He's the one and only true Bender.. A graduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri(FUTO). He is also a Lycann, a Musical Artiste, Song Writer, Performing Artiste, Online Publicist and Promoter, C.e.o. UkwuBenda.com Kpos! Get farmiliar

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