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Statistics have it that the youth of age 18-46years account for about 60% of Nigeria’s population, representing about 105 million people ,making the nation a youthful federation, mostly who are illiterate and live in rural areas.

Undeniably, these set of people face significant challenge in the areas of unemployment, access to quality healthcare system, political disenchantment, and affordable education. In spite of the efforts of our President’s transformation agenda to transform our youths to be globally competitive in this ever growing interdependent world yet much is still needed to be done.

Consequently, the desire to give the YOUTH a platform to be heard and contribute meaningfully to the governance of our great nation Nigeria is overdue. Therefore bearing in mind the advantageous population and strength of our youth, this is time to seize the moment and take charge of our destinies. 

This course gave birth to JEMROYAL YOUTH VANNGUARD.
  A youth movement that cuts across ethnic, religious and socio –economic divides.

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