Over and again, events have proven that attendance to live theatre performances is not an all-comers’ affair, as the Port Harcourt exclusive audience have identified themselves with live theatre with a regular patronage of the monthly live theatre brand- Sunday in Theatre (SIT). SIT is here again, and on its 5th edition in the month of August.

 There is no gainsaying that members of the audience to the 20th July (4th) edition of SIT need no further persuasions to occasion a visit to the theatre this August, because “seeing is believing” indeed. The theatre experience in July, with the production of Julie Umukoro’s Adams’ Family, left members of the audience saturated with deep-seated feeling of thorough satisfaction that results from the kind of emotive entertainment, suitable for the family, which live theatre affords.

Sunday 17th August is SIT’s day in the month of August. Join and SIT in the company of an exclusive and cultured audience with your guests, friends and family members, and relish the immeasurable fun at the Atlantic Hall of Hotel Presidential by 5pm. There, you will be treated to great pleasure that is worth the while with the live theatre performance of a master piece (drama) written by Tyrone E. Terrence, titled A HUSBAND’S WIFE.
Tyrone E. Terrence is a Writer/Director and Producer at Rosewood Films, with many great plays, documentaries and Short Films under his belt. In A Husband’s Wife, the playwright thoroughly examines the problems associated with mid-life crisis with huge concerns for the problems caused by communication gaps, resulting from failure to service and upgrade an ageing marital relationship. The drama presents enthralling complicated dramatic situations and offered a solution in the interest of harmony. Exemplified in the experience of a couple in midlife; spouses who have both built great distinct careers for themselves, having raised a great home, and with all their children studying and working abroad. After twenty five years of marriage, the Husband became overtaken by funny feeling, wherein he desires fresh musing and attention, as it were when he first married his Wife, but the Husband’s Wife who has now become very engrossed with her career, feels differently. Thus, adventure leads the Husband into the arms of a younger lady, who turns out to be an older friend of their daughter. As the can of worms opens, he resolves and decides to move out of their house but his wife will have none of it. This leaves us with the big question of how-far-is too-far-to-be-forgiven?
Sunday in Theatre, August edition promises to be another great evening of amazing theatre experience, spiced with elevated wits and humour, and the host for the night will be Millicent Nnwoka (OAP at Cool/Nigeria Info FM). The Night promises optimum satisfaction as we bring on stage, two seasoned and experienced performers, Bolu Ola (2nd Runner-up on the 2013 Next Movie Star Project) and again the university don of popular demand, Ovunda Ihunwo, whose directorial prowess shall also come to bare in the interpretation of the play text- A Husband’s Wife.
Tickets are available at all The Promise Fast food Outlets in Port Harcourt, VTB Consulting (10 Khana Street, D/Line PHC) and also at Hotel Presidential on the day’s event. [Couple- N5,000; Adults- N3,000; Student’s & Children- N1,500].
All roads lead to Hotel Presidential for that classy fun and family entertainment for the month of August. SIT is a stickler for time and the time is 5pm to 7:00pm. Don’t miss out!
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