Today, Thursday 19th is WORLD SICKLE CELL DAY!

SICKLE CELL DISORDER (SCD) is not a disease, it is a disorder of the blood that affect mostly people of the black origin. It is transferred to a child when both parents have the “S” gene in their genotype ie AS & AS parents. 

A child with this disorder if not well medically taken care of may die from complications before their 22nd birthday. 

• Every year, over 10,000 children die at infant stage due to lack of good medical health care with is pretty expensive.
 • Excruciating Body Pains, excessive tiredness (due to lack of enough oxygen in the hemoglobin), Ulcer, Paleness etc ar some symptoms.

• Periodical blood transfusions, daily dosage of drugs such as folic acid, exclusion of meals with iron & other routine forms part of the life of a person living with SCD. 

• There is no known cure for SCD. Bone marrow transplant (a very risky & expensive procedure) has been tested wit little result & complications. 

• More than 40million Nigerians have the sickle cell gene (‘S’ chromosome) and can pass it to their offsprings.

    Know your genotype just as you know your blood group & your HIV status. 

»»People with the “S” gene (‘AS’ genotype) should not marry each other as there is every 1/4% chance of having a child with the disorder.

• People living with SCD are normal humans who need our support, love & care to live a perfect normal life. Improved medical advancement has helped doubled the life expectancy of pple living with SCD.

ThaUkwuBenda & #TeamUkwuBenda joins the rest of the world to say; HELP BREAK THE SICKLE CELL CYCLE, Join the campaign #sicklestar #LetsWalkTheTalk all for SCD awareness.

Join us today 8am, for THE RED UMBRELLA WALK. Tshirt/Umbrella ready for payment and pick up at Bonny camp under bridge, VI. 8am prompt


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