RAAAAH! This is a beautiful piece put vocally delivered by one of ThaUkwuBenda‘s Bendress by the name C4, She calls this one “COME BACK TO ME”.
 And ThaUkwuBenda has had this joint on repeat since He got it close to His Ear Drums… ThaUkwuBenda has always smelt it that She can kill a slow tune. 

Late Last year, C4 (Comfort Michael) was introduced to you with her impressive appearance with “JUMP ON IT” which featured Attitude, produced by WizzyPro & “2DAY NA 2DAY” Prod by Effect… Here C4 jumps on Bruno Mar’s “When I was your man” instrumental.
She has got a nice voice and ThaUkwuBenda knows she is worth a good record deal which ThaUkwuBenda can smell it around. “JUMP ON IT” & “2DAY NA 2DAY” by C4 got a good Air Play & made it into several mixtapes + DJ playlists towards the end of last year and early this year.. Consistency & Working with the right People would do it.

According to C4 who has been working endlessly on some Party friendly tunes, R&B, hip hop and Reggae tunes, 

Growing up felt real good especially with the advantage of constantly having siblings who could assist with harmonies on tunes that could have flashed off the mind so easily. I never under-estimate my abilities when it come’s to music & I, it’s murder on any mic“. 
“COME BACK TO ME” was recorded, mixed & mastered by Tommy at BFMG Studio’s
D’load, Listen & enjoy.


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