Three pretties have emerged as preliminary winners of KCEE’s ‘Fine Face’ Instagram Contest, for coming tops with the most ‘likes’, and their good looks have won for every one of them, Samsong Galaxy S4 Phones.

To show the Contest’s credibility, KCEE on behalf of MTN presented the Samsong Smartphones to the girls, who ranked 1st to 3rd, and whose instagram handles are: @_____xo_g4life, @pwetychimmy and @alaere_kpete, respectively. The first preliminary winner, in addition to her phone, also a Fashion Kit from Fashpa.com.

Tagged Miss Fine Face, the Contest is a Social Media Pageant which is not a respecter of size or height, has a Grand Prize of $5,000 which must be won by Fine Face’ with the highest likes at the end of the Contest.  

KCEE’s Miss Fine Face officially ends on Friday, April 18, 2014, and that day, coincidentally, is KCEE’s birthday. 

This means the Grand Winner will be officially announced on KCEE’s birthday, and the grand prize presented after the Easter Holidays at a Private Dinner with the Street-Crowned Limpopo-King: KCEE, and his Five Star Team.

Said KCEE “This Contest, or Social Media Pageant as people have chosen to call it, confirms that 5-Star Music in not your everyday Record Label, we care honestly about our fans, and this is, pretty much, one of the many ways we choose to reward them.”


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