Williams Odion – a.k.a. Mr. Steps Up, “Maduabuchi” hit Crooner) Vs. Obinna Kelvin Anyanwu – a.k.a. Waconzy, “Iworiwo” hit Crooner.

The ‘Perceived Intellectual Property Theft And Permission Denial For The Publication Of The Audio Musical Single Titled ‘Trumpet’ By Mr. Steps Up: Featuring Waconzy In The Year 2009′ Following The Success Of His Debut Hit Single ‘Iworiwo in same year.

Perhaps you are an ardent follower of Port Harcourt City Entertainment News, then you must have come across this recent raging issues all summed up in one between the two above-mentioned; which is now top among priority list for PH city’s A-List bloggers.

Please, Permit me to open up a fair debate on these pressing unhealthy issues; No harm/ disrespect intended.  Let Truth, Equity, Fairness and Justice prevail over all individual judgements and sentiments, so as to see through and weigh these unhealthy developments in our budding sector with nothing but the eyes of ‘Truth’- Be the Judge after the convinces you.

A brief introduction to the key figures involved in this Saga will help a great deal in bringing more insight towards the understanding of the nature of this delicate issue and possible solution to it in the end.

Please, Read on…

MR. STEPS UP: A Port Harcourt City Gospel Singer and Record Producer par excellence; He has worked numerous top LAG / PHC artistes like Sunny neji, Late Mcloof, Malam spicy, Maxi, Waconzy, Danas, Fredmacs etc and is responsible for ‘Maduabuchi’ which happens to be the ‘Monster Hit Single’ for his debut album. He is currently working on his Sophomore album.

WACONZY: A Port Harcourt based artiste/ Singer; Owner of DV8 Media; and the figure behind the ‘Iworiwo’ Massive Hit Single, and others like; ‘Ikebe Super’ and ‘Party on Fire’.

Enough said… Let’s proceed gradually to the real deal.

It all started in the year 2009, sequel to the release of the ‘Iworiwo’ Hit Single by Waconzy who was as at the time, a dear friend to Mr. Steps Up and also working on the production of some his audio musical tracks with him in his erstwhile music production studio known as Blue Dolphin owned by Mr Toyin dania and managed by Mr. Steps Up; which produced also for the likes of Maxi, Danas, Fredmacs, Paige Swiss, Wheel West among several others; with Solowax as an associate producer as at the time; Waconzy willingly featured in an audio musical work by/ and for Mr. Steps Up titled: ‘Trumpet’ which was never published till this year.

Later on, Mr. Steps Up Re-Mastered the audio and perfected the whole body of the musical audio work which he decided to release few days ago as another ‘Single’ preceeding the release of his sophomore album but met the shock of his life to his utter disbelief from a very dear friend.

Hence, these conversations and the following demeaning posts ensued:

As originally sent by: WACONZY TO MR. STEPS UP 

“Kindly Disregard Any Hype by a Port Harcourt City based Artiste, named StepsUp, who’s on my DP, to drop a new single he featured WACONZY, he stole a verse from an Old studio Freestyle WACONZY did way back in 2007, be reminded that this was the same Artist that Faked a Collabo with Wizkid! He’s too desperate for fame and attention, please Re Bc this, spread the news, he must be stopped!” (Blackberry ‘Angry Emoticon’ inclusive).

Why this Hate, Envy, Bitterness and Total Character Assassination in a bid to make sure others don’t see the light of the day? The sky is too big for every star to shine; so the question of who out-shines is completely irrelevant.


“Supreme Touch Records informs you that the anticipated single ‘Trumpet’ by Mr. Steps will not be released again because of the false publication done by Waconzy and his team, which will be disclosed in a jiffy.

Thanks for your understanding fans.
@mrstepsup @supremetouchrec “

Is this not fair and self-sacrificial enough.
 NOTE: Supreme Touch Rec. is Mr. Steps Up’s Label.

As originally sent in by: Barr. Nwachukwu Charles on behalf of Waconzy and DV8 MEDIA.

WACONZY’S SECOND RESPONSE – A Supposed Approval of Court Injunction Against Mr. Steps From his Legal Representatives C.C. OKOROCHA (S.A.N) Chambers In Port Harcourt Through One Barr. Nwachukwu Charles.

“Hello Mr William Odion, My name is Barrister Nwachukwu Charles from the C.C OKOROCHA’S(S.A.N) chambers in Port Harcourt. This SMS serves as a FINAL notification/Reminder that the Federal High Court has approved an injunction against your intellectual property theft on grounds that the intellectual property was stolen because the owner (DV8 Media) denied giving you the permission to publish their intellectual property. Please be reminded that we have also filed a four count charge against you. Please, ensure you attend our court session this Tuesday with your lawyer. Venue: Rivers State High Court (Moscow Road). 12pm.
Questions? 08133741677″.

Note: No court designation; to specify either it is Court 1 or 2. The presiding Judge was not mentioned either. Worse still, the supposed Barr. refused picking his calls all day after which Waconzy now sent in the following message…

As originally sent by:  WACONZY TO MR. STEPS UP (via text msg)

“Send an apology letter refraining for that illicit act of force usage without contact or authorization. email: dveightmedia@gmail.com”

As originally sent by: WACONZY TO MR. STEPS UP (via bbm)                                                                                                              

I humbly wish to take your mind back to a very unwholesome development again in the recent past showing the high degree of hate in the progress of the Port Harcourt City Entertainment Industry (Music Sector to be precise).

Let us begin by citing this glaring example that is still very fresh in our hearts.

1. Willy B:- Happens to be one of our very own who recently did a collabo with Kelly Handsome and also the figure behind the hit single titled ‘Na God’. We are all quite aware that he was some time ago arrested, detained, wrongly accused and paraded as an armed robber on National TV for a crime he knew nothing about.

In response to the issue, what did our dear PHC industry contributed towards the vindication and release of their beloved fellow colleague? I will tell you here and now!

Blind conclusion, False Accusation, Dejection, Ridicule and Abuse; I believe every single one of us read online the derogatory posts by bloggers, some stupid and high unreasonable BBM broadcasts and Baseless facebook posts by the same Artistes, Entertainers et al, calling  viciously for the head of their same colleague who they identified with when the road was smooth; instead of ameliorating his pains. Save for few noble artistes with milk of human kindness who pitched their tent with him and served as a source of inspiration and hope for him to overcome through their Love and Support.

This hydra-headed monster is gradually eating deep into our industry and very soon if left unchecked will degenerated into a point where we are left with nothing to show for. Let’s give our support collectively and individually towards building our enviable industry. This hate has got to stop!

Please do drop your comments..


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