ThaUkwuBenda sees, hears and sniffs stuffs like this whether far or near. For some time now he’s been sniffing and hearing something via MR 2KAY and BM BABY tangling discreetly by the corner.

Mr. 2Kay and BM Baby

 Some pips has been talking, asking questions and wanting to know, so ThaUkwuBenda had to use some of he’s bending technik to sniff out this little discreetly newly formed Collobi Nation by Mr. 2Kay and BM Baby… and Kpos! he found good and strong evidence to this new Collobi Nation.

 Photos where seen, gossips where heard, collobi was sniffed. Even BM Baby had to drop her happy statement on her Blackberry messenger’s(bbm) personal message box “Father u are a God of possibilities, make this possible for me, I pray coz I trust in u”.
and this:- “My baby shot me down………bamg bamg bamg. And then I hit the ground”.
 This is as the result of the collobi nation(relationship) between her and Mr. 2kay, they’ve been seeing each other of late and doing things together, been seen most places together and this has been leaving lots of laughter and smiles on Mr. 2Kay’s face all thru this period.

Mr. 2Kay and BM Baby

 Words on the street says BM Baby is the inspiration toward Mr 2Kay’s “Beat for my heart” joint, how true is that? hmmm ThaUkwuBenda would get more info about that soon.

ThaUkwuBenda also found out that, both of them just recorded a new joint they titled “MY BABY”. (Hmmm can you tell ThaUkwuBenda something he doesn’t know)… On this new joint, they had to express themselves unto colloby mattas. The joint will soon be out and would be on this blog for your d’load so by then you’all would have to listen to what HE (ThaUkwuBenda) has heard and sniffed.

Stay glued to UkwuBenda.com for more info concerning this marra… Kpos!


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