LAMILI ENGEL is so back in shape and is getting ready to hit the music industry hard this time as She and her management has a whole lot of plans this year.
I know her fans and friends has really missed her, not too worry, she has always been with you and had you’all in her prayers.
Nature called on her and she had to answer, now she and her entire house hold are breeding smiles and laughter + enough baby poo (laughing).

Tha UkwuBenda himself had a lovely chat with her once again this year on the 1st of feb 2013 and it was sweeeeet! I tell you, just as interesting as the one we had
last year 2012 when she became a mother.
          Please oh I need your comments here, Lamili Engel says she still wants to cut off 3kg more off her weight so as to go back to how slim she was before, to me, I say noooo oh she should remain on her present state. Please isn’t she gorgeous this way?

Her present shape (in which she still wants to cut off 3kg)…


Her during pregnancy….


Here before Pregnancy…


                     JOIN INTO THE CONVERSATION
Tha UkwuBenda }  Please oh you’re now on the right shape please don’t reduce mo abeg oh.
Please, I and your fans would like to know what’s been happening to you and when you’re coming back to hit the music industry…

Lamili Engel }  Hihihihihihihihi Tha ukwu benda! I ga agbajikwam ukwu with laugh. You know, to be an entertainer (musician) is not just making and singing music, the way you look makes it more interesting besides, I have so many reasons for being fit.
Entertainment industry needs a fit body, keeping fit is very essential, plus I am use to working out even before pregnancy. After my delivery which will be exactly 3 months on the 3rd of February, I had to wait for six weeks before I could start working out cos I delivered my baby through emergency c section ( thanks to modern facility, I was given a bikini line with no stitches) Thank God! Lol I started slowly by just walking then as time went by, I increased it to running uphill everyday and cycling with aerobics.

After the 14th of February, we (my management and I) are hosting an event, “A NITE OUT WITH LAMILI” which is basically making it official that I’m back to work and ready for shows, bookings and getting my fans and everyone together to have a good time (ima na agbasia oso aguo mile) lol with lots to eat and drink and my band to entertain plus, I will have my first performance in 12 months on that day. Also, I have a surprise that day which I’m keeping a secret until then. The IVs will be out soon and details on where to get one also.

Tha UkwuBenda }  Ok, that’s good to know, I know that would get your fans alive and smiling again..
It’s good to see that you have the spirit of keeping fit and watching your body weight, most females feel keeping fit and working out is a waste of time, tiring n its the biggest punishment ever, (smiles) please what do you have to tell such females, especially dos who has arrived (put to birth) but they are still carrying luggages (fat and extra tissues) around dem? Hahaha…

Lamili Engel }  Anyone who thinks keeping fit is a waste of time or punishment obviously doesn’t have a clue what keeping fit is all about or is just lazy to work out.
It can be tiring when you start at first but as your body start getting use to it, you start to enjoy it. it can also be tiring when you are doing it the wrong way. Most people don’t care how their body looks some actually think the heavier the better, others can’t just bring their-selves to work out or have the time but then, you can workout anywhere. Skipping, taking the stairs instead of elevators, dancing your sorrow away, walking a short distance instead of driving are all exercise you can do without being in d gym.

Some people say ah! When you have a baby, that’s the end for you and your body! Who told you that? With keeping fit you will look sexy, fit and healthy even in old age you just have to be persistence and drink lots of water too nothing good comes easy. If I can lose all that baby fat even after a c section in less that 3 months, you can too.

Tha UkwuBenda }  Hahahaha no be small oh, Thanx dear for the classes and your time. we”ll be waiting to hear from you and your management.. Raaah! 

Lamili Engel }   Oh you’re welcome darlene, thanx to UkwuBenda.com for ur time as well… Raaah!

Her on her weight loss mood…


Her in action before pregnancy…


Please do d’load, share, listen and comment…

“I APPRECIATE” ft. Samsong


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  1. Next gig for ms Lami is the Shell Oil Festival. She will be the special guest for our 55+.expatriates who are visiting Nigeria without their wives or significant other. Part of the compensation wlll be a turkey Baster to collect her donations made with that sexy body that she flaunts to our gentlemens's club. I Go Survive!!! Sing it again!!!

  2. Before I post my main comment, DEBORAH STONE alias Anonymous, her name is MRS LAMILI ENGEL and there is nothing like Shell oil festival. Lamili big time hater, DEBORAH STONE, if you are jealous that after having a baby is back in shape, why dont you go get in shape too? Cow! she is sexy and you are not.
    This is the DEBORAH STONE I’m talking about http://www.linkedin.com/pub/deborah-stone/11/89B/754
    She is a racist living in the US with 3 kids she had from her previous marriage. A mental deranged Ex girlfriend of Lamili’s husband who took to the internet to get back at Lamili for marrying her Ex who dumped her long before he met and married Lami. Her job is to take care of pre matured babies, please tell me how she does that when all she does is google and bad mouth her Ex’s wife? She has been doing this dirty act for years now. She uses fake names to carry out her acts so no one knows she is the one but thanks to lamili’s husband who granted interview to a blog revealing who this woman is and her intentions. He also granted access to the emails this DEBORAH STONE sends to him for 5 years now. Imagine someone sending you mails Everyday for five years making no sense at all. Like I told you DEBORAH STONE, we are out to get you and you don’ t mess with an innocent person and Family. Since your work is to bad mouth Lamili whom you have never met before, I have made it my work also to pay you back in your own coin. Reply with yet another fake name, impersonate some one, or hide your name. The fact remains, you loose.

  3. Hmmm this mentally unstable Deborah stone don reach this side? Lamili sing she say Lamili no Sabi sing. Lamili born she say Lamili baby no be am even when she no see am. Now Lamili is back in shape and she still try to say another bull shit. It's not only I Go Survive Lamili sang oooo, she also sang, Africa, Ndidi, Ice Water, Nigeria, Lami girl, Baby Mama, I Appreciate, etc….. Shell oil festival indeed. Winchi Winching Anonnymous! She is even my name sake. God forbid! Sexy mama Lamili, I wish I have your zeal and energy. I gbadu you scarra.

  4. Hmmm this is getting mo interesting, pls y'all shuld speak ur minds, we'all knw there must surely be haters…not everyone wuld be pleased no matta wat, so pls feel free to pour all out.. hahahaha am enjoying this.. "Mrs Lamili Engel automatical turns to Ms Lami".. Hmm some ish to write abt…. Pls Mrs Anonymous can u grant UkwuBenda.com an interview? Wuld love to see from ur direction.. Pls do get bck to me on twitter @UkwuBenda or on my page http://www.fb.com/ukwubenda .. Thx to y'all

  5. Mr Ukwu Benda, before you publish anything DEBORAH STONE cooks up, investigate it because this Lamili's husbands ex girlfriend is impersonating people and using fake names. Her name is DEBORAH STONE and she has never set foot in AFRICA and was never married to Lamili's husband. This is my Facebook account" Ucan Daspace" ask me any question about this woman. Lamili's husband is my inlaw, I have lots of emails which this crazy woman has been sending to Mr Engel, Lamili's husband which i have him foward to us as prove of this womans intention and prove of who she really is. The link on linkedin I posted earlier shows details about this woman, her picture, where she works, her email address and so on.

  6. Mrs debo or what did you call yourself way can't you respect your stupid self and live the wonderful Engels family to live there love life, I wish God maid you man cos you are a disgrace to womenhood take your miserable stupid life and live my sexy, hot good looking Ici Queen, baby mama, I appreciate. Maybe you don't know that DEBO fuck off lilies life before something will give you nock on your head. The general sweet sexy Lamili WE LOVE YOU………………….. Blessing is my name

  7. Deborah did I just see miss Lami my dear you need help go for deliverance leave mrs Engel alone don't allow your frustration to over shadow you, you are just obsessed with her now I know why mr Engel left for a better woman if your prayer is to see them apart then you need to change your prayer point bcos ur own don finish. Stay away from our sexy hot Lami as you can see she is back in shape to rock again, woe unto you Deborah your plans will always back fire you.

  8. Hehehehehehehe Anonymous alias DEBORAH STONE. I can see Lamili's BEND DOWN song is hurting u all the more. Anyone who understands pidgeon knows the meaning of this song but not you over washed winkled old hag. Bend down and get kicked in the ass GRAND MA! Hehehehe hehehehehehe. Like I said before LAMILI is sexy and you are not!

  9. UKWUBENDA, YOU ARE KINDLY DIRECTED TO THE FB ACCOUNT Heidiengelstein Stone. A lot is going down about the Anonymous woman posting defamatory about Lamili.

  10. UKWUBENDA, beware of a certain person, EUGENE CHRISTIAN that follows you on Ukwubenda.com. that is no man but the Racist DEBORAH STONE, NEONATAL NURSE PRACTITIONER who is posting defamatory about Lamili Engel. copied and posted……… Eugene Christian, you sent an inbox saying this is a fake Account. How well do you know Deborah Stone? Can you stand in court to defend her? Judging from your Facebook account, you sound much more like a woman, you like most of Nigerian Activities on Facebook just Deborah Stone likes Hiphop south on her Facebook page or are you Deborah Stone using Eugene Christian as cover. She is known impersonations and hiding under people's names to ridicule Lamili. Answers please.

    Heidiengelstien Stone: Beware that words are going round to the 23 friends you have on that account about the real you DEBORAH STONE a neonatal nurse practitioner who hide behind peoples names to monitor and post defamatory about Lamili Engel Nigerian Singer your German Ex boyfriend got married to.
    Monday at 5:24pm

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