ST OSCAR is a brand that is all about documenting, showcasing, and celebrating the best of African arts, creativity, tourism and culture. Last but not the least, projecting the gospel through arts, i.e. Gospel According To Arts(GATA).

ST. OSCAR is a brand that is based on a creative and dynamic lifestyle, It is poised excel in the business of producing artistic masterpieces and projecting the values of African arts of culture and tailoring it to the basic needs of Africans and non Africans both the Africans in the diaspora.
PRODUCTS: Drawings, Paintings, Story Boards, Comics, Sculptural works, Costumes (epic costumes, branded wears), specially designed foot wares, beads, cultural pendants and bracelets.


About Author

RAAAAH! Call him ThaUkwuBenda, He's the one and only true Bender.. A graduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri(FUTO). He is also a Lycann, a Musical Artiste, Song Writer, Performing Artiste, Online Publicist and Promoter, C.e.o. UkwuBenda.com Kpos! Get farmiliar


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