Ajumoke Nwaeze, popularly known as AJ (Apple Juice) is a Sensational Singer from Nigeria. She loves the mic as much as she loves cranberry and hollandia milk, Music to her is an expression of thoughts in a combination of pleasant sounds.
As part of her career building, She started singing in the church choir (as most of us did) at the age of 6, but before then she has been doing the music thingy even without knowing(crying melodiously as a baby, singing “two little black birds sitting on a wall” as a crecher, and even singing the National anthem in kindergarten).
She has participated in a number of reality talent shows which stand as a platform to attain greater heights.

Top 7 “Street 2 Star” 2006
Top 25 “West African Idol” (regional) 2007 
Winner “Star Quest” 2008 
Top 10 “Nigerian Idol”2011

AJ was in a six man band (Diamonds) for 3 years under the umbrella of Nigerian Breweries PLC, and was signed to the biggest Music Label in Africa (kennis Music) with the album “Omo Naija” (hit track -boshokoto) to show for it.

The petite damsel has been on Music tours (including star trek & Mega jam) in over 30 states in Nigeria, a few others abroad, and more counting.
To pursue a solo career, Aj left Diamonds in 2011, even with so much pressure from combining school & career she was able to pull through, and in February 2012 she released her debut single “KINI” produced by Marvin Keyz under LEASE management. “KINI” was premiered during the Maiden edition of “AJ Live With Friends” in March 2012 @ a karaoke club in Calabar City. To say the event was successful would be an understatement, it was a huge success.

Now to the latest gist; against all odds of dropping out of school (like is common with entertainers) AJ has successfully “GRADUATED” today (23rd November, 2012) from the department of Genetics/ Biotechnology, University of Calabar, Calabar. *whaoo* some akprokos would roll their eyes and ask…is she the first Nigerian to graduate? Nope! She’s the first Nigerian artiste who didn’t give up on education even after writing JAMB “six” times. If you’ve ever had challenges with gaining admission/going through school in a typical Naija Government owned University, and running a career outside school Catchment area you will understand the strive behind this graduation.
At long last that necessity (education) has been handled, we can now look forward to have our sleek performer fully back on stage. keep your fingers crossed on “the return of AJ”.

Links to AJ‘s experimental works

“KINI” mp3

(To d’load video: Click on the link below, after the page opens, scroll to the right hand side of the screen and choose the format for your mobile or click the more button to display all.. MP4 or 3GP)

“KINI” video to mobile>>Mp4 or 3gp

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