Spirit of the Assassin is an action thriller directed by Andy Boyo. It stars Yemi Blaq, Peter Armand Boyo, Frederick Leonard, Akeem Rahman, and Constance Okoro.

In all my years of reviewing and studying script writing,the first lesson your taught in film school is this “no matter how much you learn,if you lack imagination and creativity,your work will always be mediocre”. With that said, SPIRIT OF THE ASSASSIN is lacking greatly in the story department. A story about an assassin ghost that possess people is far fetched and ridiculous enough,now throw in bad acting and idiotic dialogues and this movie is set for the sewers.

As bad as it is,the movie does bring a few things to the table in terms of special effects. Effects where used genusly,to create bullet holes in glass and so on,also there was the tanker crash which is without a doubt the highlight of the movie. If the story was half as decent as the effects one can pardon the hilarious fight scenes.

So far so good there is no official release date for the movie,but however it isn’t worth seeing unless you have nothing else to do with money and time.

So considering how backward Nollywood movies are,this movie gets a 4/10. Strictly for the effects well done. By Gods grace we shall make it to Hollywood standard one day…..hopefully today.

By Kelvin O.
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