Enraged youths from the Bakassi area of Cross River State continued beating war drums on Tuesday, vowing to surpass the Islamic militant sect, Boko Haram, if the government failed to appeal its ceding.

The Bakassi community is seeking an appeal against the International Court of Justice 2002 ruling that gave Bakassi to neighbouring country, Cameroun. The window for such appeal is 10 years lapsing October 10.
“What is happening now in the northern part of the country is a child’s play because we will ensure justice is given to us,” a youth leader from the area under the aegis of Cross River State Political Network, Michael Nku, said during a protest at the National Assembly.
“We will perpetuate more mayhem than what Boko Haram is presently doing in the north.”
Whether the threats are empty or backed by capacity remains to be seen.
But the federal government has ignored such warnings and dismissed past threats from Bakassi agitators the Ogonis as merely “attention seeking.”
Both areas have declared self governance and the Bakassi youth announced last month the launching of a new radio station and state paraphernalia including coat of arms and anthem.
At least one hostage case has been recorded in the area since the clamour started.
“Bakassi as a people have always been Cross Riverians in particular and Nigerians in general and they speak Efik, bear our names and share in the culture of the Efiks,” Nku said.
“Bakassi is a Local Government in Nigeria and no such entity ever existed in Cameroun.”
The House deputy media committee chairman, Victor Ogene, who received the youths, said the House will take a decision on the matter later.


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