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UB had a time out and an interview with a fast rising model MELISSA, It was intrestin, trust me we did njoy the Bendin Season.

*What are Ur names?
        “Melissa Edozie”

*Tell me about urself, which kind chick U b?
       ”Hahaha kind chick, well am just a simple, easy going n understanding chick. Love making friends and trying new things I love adventure. Sometimes am down moody but most of the time am a very happy an loving person”
(hmm mode on a janglova, ok na!…)

*Where re U from?
        “Anambara State”
*Ok, so y did u go into modelling?
       ”Ever since I was small I love modelling and acting,I use to remember back then I ll wear my sisters shoe and walk in front of the mirror trying to mimic. What I saw on television. And as I grow I found out I ve the potentials in me”
(smile, i wonda d luk den..)
*Are U with any Agency.. How long?
       ”No currently, am not with any agency am on contract with an European agency that I won their modeling contract, Its one year contract”
(hmm dats nice..)
*What has the agency been doin 4 U, N wetin U don dey do 4 dem?
       ”I’ve been doing modeling jobs both billboard and runway but most of my advert re for foreign companies so its outside the country, they sponsored a two week tour to Dubai and also my shopping including the contract payment”

(Wow dats big, dat means al is on track n going well..)
*What Kind of modelling are U into?
       ”Everything in general, Both TV commercial, billboard musical video, runway, magazine etc”
(Raaah! Gud gud gud)
*Are Ur parents in support of Ur career + Ur travel travel?
       ”My dad is late,my mum and other members of the family re in full support of it”
(sorry 4 your lose dear.. On d other hand good to have your family with you)

*How has your experience been with Ur career?
       ”I thank God it has been a wonderful one”

*School? Details?
        ”Am in my second year in school studying fashion design and clothing technology.. IMT Enugu”

*How do U kip up wit school n modelling?
    ”I utilize my time very well I never miss school n I fix my modelling in my extra time cos school is my no. 1 priority most of the modelling jobs I do them weekend”
*Are U in a relatnship, any BF?
    ”Yes I do”
* Has he been supportive?
    ”Yeah 100%”
*I get to know dat ur colleauges do date or sleep wit dia bosses jus to get dia fasta. How tru is dat, n wat can u tell me about dat?
    ”I’ve nothing to say about it cos I ve not experienced it. There is corruption n sexual harassment everywhere so I dn’t know why people re emphasizing in d entertainment industry. Its an individual thing If u believe in urself that u ve got the talent why sleep around to get there, I believe its when u’ve got nothing that u do trade urself”

(Raaah! Tell ’em all dis pips needs to know…)
*So has that been a gud move or not?
    ”Its not a good move to trade Ur body for fame or money nothing is worth selling ur body its d temple of God”
*So what’s d secret behind Ur body,  How do U kip it in shape?
    ”I watch what I eat I try as much as possible not to eat everything I see,I exercise a lot n I take a lot of water”
*Which Chow (food) U like pass?
    ”I like swallow joor, But I am not a food person I like junk a lot but I control d intake of it”
*Who’s Ur favour8 model?
    ”My role model is Tyra Banks  and Amber Rose they inspire me a lot. Angelina Jolie and Genevieve Nnaji are my role model in acting”
*What ar ur likes n dislikes?
    ”I like hanging out with friend, I dislike lies a lot”
*4rm d musik industry, tell me, who b Ur favour8 Male art.. Female art?
    ”I love 2face Idibia and Asa”

*What do U do at Ur leisures?
    ”I hang out with friends in my leisure times I love been around people that love me so much it makes me happy asides that I play games”
    ”Snooker, chess, backgammon”
*Where do U c urself in 7yrs time?
    ”In 7ys time, hmm with Gods grace I should be doing great in acting, modelling and in d fashion industry”
*Have u contestd 4 anytin b4, Or ve Ur face been used 4 any stuff?
    ”Its mostly a foreign product cos my agency is based in Germany I ve modeled for a cosmetic company and two different fashion magazine and many others”
*Havent u bin tinkin of contestin in 1 of d big games.. Like Miss Nigeria, Miss Ecowas or sum odas?
    ”Am not really into pageantry I do mostly runway and advert, I only went for natural beauty next top model 2011 and am lucky to be the winner”
(dats lovely)

*Is dia any oda ttin U can do very well apart from modelling?
    ”I can act very well and a fashion designer”
* OK, so if Ur giving the opportunity, U would act and design?
    ”Am into acting and am a designer too seriously working on my clothing line.”
(thaUkwuBenda is waitin to see ur outfits n see u films)
*Wat do U tink about Ukwubenda.com?

    ”Hmm I love the blog I’ve been following UkwuBenda.com, its cool”
* (smiles) thnks, Do you have anythin @ hand that you would like us to know about?
    ”Am still working on my NGO, Its Melissa Foundation, Its for the less privilege, And am focusing on young girls who don’t have d opportunity to reach their dreams”
(nice nice, Its all good, I tink we need to draw the curtain here, Can I hear U say RAAAH!) 
    ”Raaaahhhh! Cheers”


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