In the Big Brother Stargame house, Nigerian contestant Goldie was always begging for Prezzo’s attention. She prepared his meals, converted into his messenger, did laundry for him and joyously carried out odd jobs for him.

But what did the Kenyan braggadocios man do in return? He made uncouth remarks about her by once calling her fake (maybe due to her makeup and long sham eyelashes), flirted before her eyes, argued with her publicly and severally ignored her.
Although the two had their highlights and good moments, one party was definitely intoxicated by the other. Sadly, that was Goldie. However, after leaving the BBA house, she evaluated the relationship and confessed that he had taken her for granted. If Prezzo was to have her back he would have to cry her a river.
The One Ambassador was recently in Lagos but was turned down by the ‘Jawo Jawo’ singer. In a press conference in Nigeria, Prezzo claimed, “I just want to use the media to reach Goldie and tell her to pick my calls that is why I called for a press conference”.
To hide face, he said that the two met and will take things slowly. Goldie who has been receiving a lot of negative reviews on Prezzo by her twitter fans, suggested that the two might collabo. ‏


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