RAAAAAAAAH!!! Here it is, that very anticipated album compilation of its tym from PMJM ENTERTAINMENT, titled PROMO JAMO.
For those who missed it, those who culdn’t reach to grab a copy, those who misplaced dia copies or got dias stollen by some group of people called the fast snatchers.. LOL you all knw dem, now it is here for your reach again.
The PROMO JAMO album compilation has diffrent genre of songs to gentle and ginger your inner mind and body, those who had dia taste knows what am talkin about.

There was also a rumour that a guy stab his own roommate to date just to steal and claim the copy of the PROMO JAMO album, hmmmm I wonder, could dat b true? ( you tell me..)

   The PROMO JAMO album compilation is filled with cray joints from different unique and stunning artists like; KENDAW, BROS, MYLTONS ZAMANI, BIG CHANCE, PUCADO, OVA D., CYPHA TYTE, AIFEE, TESTIN MONEY, FIL GUD (Boogie Boogati & Kelz), SARGE, LUMINOUZ, SPLENDID, AK-LU, DUNNI and J. MONI.
And also featured artist like; BABY JNR, SINGLE BONE and EMEX DIDDY, EL MEANO, BAMMIE.

This Project had stunch producers like; REFLEX SOUNDS (as the prime head to the project), SARGE, and ORBEATS.
Now this a typical xample of an album compilation project and it was officially released at late section of 2009.
For those who neva knews dis Artist and Producers on this album compilation, this is  the tym for you to.. Now juust click on the links below to dwnload, do share and comment on this post.
Oluwa na King, devil na bingo, na so the thing go..RaaaH!

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dwnload “I WANT TU DANCE” by BIG CHANCE ft. Baby Jnr prod by Reflex

download “EMA SI”by CYPHA TYTE” ft. Emex Diddy prod by Reflex

download “BOJU BOJU” by DUNNI prod by Reflex

dwnload “NOOSHY NOOSHY” by FIL GUD ft. El’meano prod by Reflex

download “MOTHER SONG” by J. MONI ft. Big Chance prod by Reflex

download “DON’T 4K UP” by KENDAW ft. Pucado and Baby Jnr prod by Reflex

dwnload “RELEASE INSIDE” by LUMINOUZ prod by Reflex

dwnload “WAYO” by MYLTONS AMANI prod by Reflex

download “POLICE ON THE STREET” by OVA D. ft. Single Bone prod by Reflex

dwnload “TEN BOYS” by PUCADO prod by Reflex

dwnload “REASON BENSON” by BIG CHANCE prod by Reflex

dwnload “WHO WN’TS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE” by REFLEX SOUNDZ ft. Dunni, Big Chance, Buggie(fil gud) and Ak-Lu

dwnload “BADMAN THINGS” by SARGE prod by Sarge

download “COMA” by SPLENDID prod by Reflex

download “CARRY GO” by SPOTTIE ft. Big Chance prod by Reflex

dwnload “CARRY BELLE” by TESTIN MONEY prod by Reflex

download “ATM” by BROS ft. J. MONI prod by Orbeats

download “LUV ANYÁ” by AK-LU ft. Splendid prod by Reflex

download “BAD BELLE” by AIFEE ft. Bammie prod by Reflex


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